Six shades of pink on Saturday

Happy Easter Saturday!  There is no doubt that the yellow daffodils and primroses are now in full swing but a quick tour of the garden shows that there are also some interesting shades of pink that are looking good.  Here are my Six on Saturday for 31 March from Warwickshire.

OneChionodoxa forbesii ‘Giant Pink’ (which is actually much pinker than the photo suggests)

Chionodoxa forbesii

Two: Viburnum bonariensis (which has been flowering its heart out all winter to provide a dusky perfume across the winter garden)

viburnum bonariensis

Three: Hyacinth (just emerging and starting to create the fragrant patio garden)


FourHelleborus orientalis (these have been flowering now for sometime and are wonderful at this time of year)

Helleborus orientalis

Five: Bergenia cordifolia (a very common plant but one that provides such dramatic lush foliage throughout the year with its large elephant ears)

Bergenia cordifolia

Six: Flowering cherry (providing such a rich source of nectar for the bees at this time of year)

Flowering cherry

This is my first meme outing with Six on Saturday hosted by The Propogator.  Click on the link to see what other Plantaholics are chatting about.

7 thoughts on “Six shades of pink on Saturday”

  1. Welcome to the SoS gang. I like working out the wonders of the effect climate has on different plants. Here in south Wales, my hyacinths are going over but the flowering cherry isn’t even in bud yet. We seem to co-incide only on Hellebores.


  2. What a wonderful group of six pinks, & all old friends. So familiar that your photo of the viburnum made me realise that whenever I see one, I’m so quick to shove my nose in it, that I don’t see the wonderfully crinkly leaves. I look forward to seeing more from your garden & your camera. Welcome to the group.


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