Six shades of yellow on Saturday

Greigii Tulip Vanilla Cream

April is definitely a month of fresh spring yellow and today’s Six-on-Saturday post celebrates some of the plants that are currently at their best here in Warwickshire.

One: April would not be April without daffodils.  Common as they are there are some charming miniature varieties out at the moment in the garden.  This one is ‘Jenny’.

Miniature daffodil Jenny

Two:  The tulips do seem to be late getting going this year.  However, the cold winter weather should yield strong, tall blooms for cutting.  For us one of the earliest tulips to appear are the Kaufmanniana varieties.  This one is ‘Ice Stick’.  It stands tall, swaying strongly in the wind and stands up to the April showers well.  Whereas many of our tulips have to be treated as annuals and replanted each year, Ice Stick seems to be more long lasting coming back well year after year.

Kaufmanniana Tulip Ice Stick

Three:  My third choice is a plant that is so widely grown that it is often overlooked.  But, at this time of year the Forsythia is in its prime.  The large shrubs create a spectacular show that brightens the spring garden without fail.


Four:  Next on my list is a charming tree that always makes me smile, is rather fleeting, but is instantly recognisable – Pussy Willow.

Pussy Willow

Five:  The small violas we planted in the Autumn have been flowering quietly for most of the winter.  Now the temperatures are beginning to rise they are starting to grow away strongly and will continue flowering well into early summer.


Six:  My final choice from the garden is another type of tulip which only started to flower late this week, Greigii Tulip ‘Vanilla Cream’.  This fresh, pale yellow early tulip is again one that seems to be more perennial than most coming back strongly each year.

Greigii Tulip Vanilla Cream

It has actually been quite difficult to limit myself to six this week.  Also out at the moment are the primroses, yellow hyacinths and a host of other narcissus varieties.  Indeed some of the so called ‘weeds’ like dandelions and celandine are giving a wonderful show in the more wild parts of the garden.

The Six on Saturday meme is hosted by The Propagator.  Click on the link to see what other plant lovers are chatting about.





5 thoughts on “Six shades of yellow on Saturday”

  1. I’m seeing quite a lot of tulipa kaufmanniana, which is nice, because for the first time I’ve planted some and it’s interesting to see how they look. I like the fact that they don’t have to be lifted and can just naturalise.


  2. I think yellow is an under-appreciated colour in my garden. Your ‘Vanilla Cream’ tulip is just divine. And I’m with you with pussy willow. Sorry about being rude to forsythia.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. We tend to forget about violas in spring, w/all the other things bursting into bloom. And the pussywillows, yes a definite favourite. What a good grouping of Six. Loved it.

    Liked by 1 person

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