Six on Saturday: Hostas

The recent warm and wet conditions here in Warwickshire have created a rich, lush feel to many parts of the garden.  The hostas in particular are looking wonderful at the moment.

Originating from China, Japan, the Korean peninsula and the Russian far east¹, these shade tolerant plants are often grown for their foliage alone although they do have attractive flowers later  in the year.  Interestingly, hostas are often grown as a vegetable in their native lands although I have not tried them myself (yet!).

I can take very little credit for these hostas.  My wife Carol has certainly got the knack of growing these and keeping them looking wonderful from year to year.  Managing the slug and snail population is always a challenge but we find that copper tape around the pots is particularly successful.

Every spring when the hostas begin to shoot we take a selection of the plants in pots, divide them and refresh the compost.  Any spare divisions are planted out in the flower garden.

Here are my six for this week.






Hosta 'June'
Hosta ‘June’

Many of our hostas have been acquired or gifted to us over the years and we have lost track of most of the names unfortunately.  However they don’t need name tags to be treasured.  If you know any of the names please do let us know through the comments.

Family:  Asparagaceae

Toxicity:  Edible (although toxic to dogs, cats and horses)¹

Hardiness:  Full hardy

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2 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Hostas”

  1. I am fast getting a thing for hostas. Slugs and snails are the big issue although I do not seem to be badly afflicted, yet. I think i have one like the plain green one you have, it was helpfully labelled ‘hosta’….

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