The blues of July – Six on Saturday

The wedding season is in full swing and blue seems to be the colour of the moment.  As we bask in the summer sun here are this weeks ‘Six on Saturday’ from the garden.  All seem to be loving the hot weather.

One:  Lavender


Two:  Echinops ritro


Three:  Ageratum (with Clary Sage in the background)


Four:  Eryngium planum


Five:  Cornflowers


Six:  Sweet Peas


The Six on Saturday meme is hosted by The Propagator. Click on the link to see what other plant lovers are chatting about.

Honey Pot Flowers are wedding and celebration florists based in Warwickshire in the United Kingdom specialising in natural, locally grown seasonal flowers. We grow many of our own flowers allowing us to offer something very different and uniquely personal.


11 thoughts on “The blues of July – Six on Saturday”

  1. How wonderful to see real blue flowers. That sweet pea is quite lovely. I once rented a house where the globe thistle had self seeded hither & yon. My landlady told me it was Miss Whilmott’s ghost. Certainly acted like it! They are, as Jim said, geometric wonders. What’s between the clary sage & ageratum, the really really blue flower?

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      1. Yes, they don’t even resemble each other that closely except maybe in colour. But for years, I called our globe thistle by that name until someone knowledgeable referred to their globe & I thought, wait a minute . . . it’s how I learn.


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