Six birds in a bush on Saturday

The Pyracantha bush just behind the house is in its full glory, covered in bright scarlet berries and looking wonderful in the autumn sunshine.   At this time of year it attracts a wide range of birds, some come to feast on the berries each day, others like to simply sit and soak up the morning sunshine on a cold morning whilst for others it is a safe place to rest on route from A to B.

This week I have tried to capture some of the visitors to this one bush on camera.   Here are six:

One:  Redwing – an autumn and winter visitor to the garden enjoying a meal after flying in from Scandinavia


Redwing audio:


Audio credit: Patrik Aberg , Xeno-canto

Two:  Pied wagtail – although not an uncommon bird we don’t often get these in the garden so I was delighted to be able to catch this one on camera.


Pied wagtail audio:


Audio credit: Tomas Belka , Xeno-canto

Three:  Blackbird – a very common bird in many gardens but lovely to have them nesting here and singing their hearts out all the same.


Blackbird audio:


Audio credit: Niels Krabbe , Xeno-canto

Four:  A family of sparrows just sitting and enjoying the sun and chatting amongst themselves (now a very much rarer sight than they used to be)


House sparrow audio:


Audio credit: Jarek Matusiak , Xeno-canto

Five:  Greenfinch – the numbers of greenfinchs have declined in recent years partly because of Trichomonosis, the name given to a disease caused by the protozoan parasite Trichomonas gallinae. It is nice to have them as an increasingly regular visitor to the garden now.


Greenfinch audio:


Audio credit: Sander Bot , Xeno-canto

Six:  Bullfinch – this stunning male bullfinch has been a regular visitor this week and has been joined towards the end of the week by two female bullfinches as well.

P1020209 (2) Bullfinch

Bullfinch audio:


Audio credit: Niels Krabbe , Xeno-canto

To complete the record I have also seen Goldfinches, Blue Tits, Great Tits and Robins on this Pyracantha during the week but have not managed to capture them on camera.

The Six on Saturday meme is hosted by The Propagator. Click on the link to see what other plant lovers are chatting about.

15 thoughts on “Six birds in a bush on Saturday”

      1. Sorry that the sound bars don’t work for you. Thanks for letting me know. I tested them on chrome on android and on Windows 10 and on the WordPress reader on Android and all seemed to be ok. What are you using?

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      2. On iPhone but I was without WiFi and 4G. ( sigh… my in-laws live in a “white zone” as we call it in France) Playing the audio bar didn’t work but now at home it’s perfect. Don’t worry.

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  1. I was really interested to hear the blackbird song. I have been listening all spring and summer to ours, and can recognise its repeated refrains. I wasn’t sure if the tunes were personal to this particular blackbird. That recording suggests that they are individual, as I didn’t recognise any tunes in it. They are so interesting, aren’t they?

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  2. What a lovely post – especially with the audio. I have a couple of wagtails that peck on the window of my study to keep me company when I’m working. I have never seen a bullfinch in my garden which makes me sad as there were lots of them in my childhood garden in Sheffield. I wonder if their numbers are down?

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    1. According to the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology) “UK Bullfinch populations have declined by 36% since 1967. It is believed that deteriorating habitat quality, caused by agricultural intensification and reduced diversity in woodlands have played a part in these declines.” They certainly like our pyracantha so it might be worth planting some if you want to encourage them back!


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