Two stunning new Hellebores for the garden

It was a beautiful crisp Sunday morning here and the ideal day to see what new things we could find at the garden centre!

Amongst other things we came home with these two beauties from the Helleborus Gold Collection Ice and Roses group. The two varieties are Picotee and the darker Rosali. Both have large striking blooms which are at least 2 inches across and seem to hold their heads up more than many other varieties do.

We don’t usually have trouble growing Hellebores and with any luck we should be able to enjoy these for many years to come.


Rich, dark Hellebores which are almost black

I thought that it was worth recording the flowering of this wonderfully dark Hellebore in the Waverley garden here in late March.  The crisp white stamens set off the dark colour beautifully.

There is more detailed information on growing Hellebores and the challenge of cutting and conditioning in our earlier article.

Dark Helleborus orientalis
Helleborus orientalis